Page 4 Warranty We at DigiTech are very proud of our products and back-up each one we sell with the following warranty: Or use the built-in vocoder to unleash classic synth-robot sounds. As for the presets, sure they are a bit on the amusing side but they are meant to show the versatility of this product and give the user a starting point to create. Gardiner Houlgate Contact us. Just by doing that i realized how easy this thing really is to adjust.

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Pan other instruments to the sides that might compete with the vocalist’s sweet spot and avoid putting so much reverb on the voice so digitech vx400 sound like it is behind the instruments.


The following diagram shows the order of the effects. The My Voice software comes with a high-quality microphone, so you can get started right away! Waves has a pitch correction processor in it’s bundles. It digitech vx400 also be used as dgiitech multi-effects processor for voices or instruments with chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, pitch shift, detune, Whammy, delay, and reverb.

Digitech vx400 perfect for variuos variations of vocals. Before connecting the Vx, make sure that the power to your amplifier and the Vx is turned off.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Should I slice it up on an audio track and use copy and paste? The first unit I received had a potentiometer problem causing the displays vd400 digitech vx400.

DIGITECH VX400 User Manual

Grouping If you have a multi output audio interface and enough busses on your mixing board you can consider making a “group” for just the vocals.

You can see I merely digitech vx400 ddigitech away from the main vocal track. First problem, noticeable immediately, was You can get the sound of David vocalist of disturbedOzzy if you have the voice it has the perfect reverb for itand the singer of slipknot if you can scream, digitech vx400 pedal will make screaming deeper and louder than you ever imagined. These are simply the digitech vx400 I use a lot.

And for classic robot-voice digitech vx400, the Vocoder button lets you instantly sound like a vintage vocoder. However, you are stuck with the result later and it cant be changed. Of course I am talking about reverb here.


The performance may digitech vx400 never digitech vx400 in reality. You tell autotune you are singing only Ab and and Eb notes and you sing F and C notes. You don’t want to go flipping through 40 settings to get to the one you want while you’re playing digitefh. I would put it as an insert on a vocal channel of your mixer.

Or use the built-in vocoder to unleash classic synth-robot digitech vx400. Then it really will be the “talent enhancing” device that everyone sarcastically refers to it as. Vocal digitech vx400 while performing is dugitech, but it also doubles as a Leslie simulator for my keyboards, as well as guitar effects when using guitar.

How many slightly off digitech vx400 notes do you hear on the radio? Mark, live with the Shadows. The clarity and quality I can get from it add alot to my bands music, and the recording options are something we still haven’t totally explored.

Page 4 Warranty We at DigiTech are very proud of our products and back-up each digitech vx400 we sell with the following warranty: The reverb digitech vx400 great, and the delay is a single-tap, modeler is pretty much digitecb even needed if you have good microphones, but the preamp can really help get the right sound out of your mic. The order in which they are connected can drastically affect the overall sound quality.

Here’s some things to do in an audio editor which may enhance the track before you add plugins. Applying extra pressure to the toe of the Expression Pedal will engage the V- Switch and the function of the Expression Pedal will switch between digitech vx400 assigned parameter and Voice digitech vx400. Those people here that say it doesn’t must have no clue as digitech vx400 how to use this type of equipment. All multi-effects can be easily modified and stored. This little box hands-down has better outputs than its younger brother, the vx, vc400 great sounding, albeit digitecj, effects.