Best think to do with this camera????? It is recommended to charge it fully before first use. Full HD Car Camera. Maybe i overcharged my DV camera or something, but this is what happened: Curiosity and being a cheapskate means I will find the answer to this problem. Looks like I got the same camera as yourself, where the manual mentions red, green and yellow lights, yet the lights are blue and red. But i have a bad problem.

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Just got my 32gb card and tried that in the camera. Have you tried our MD80 Driver page? Hope that helps some of you. Can someone let me know how to delete the video files that were taken on my MD 80?

Your page should go viral. I looked up several versions and every one I have found seems to zee to Wi-Fi. So I did this: Pressing the mode button alternates between Normal and Sound-activated recording modes. Steady blue light appears to be ON. They open ok and the sounds perfect, I just get a black screen. I am using a Patriot psy class 10 card in it so its a good card, battery holds charge well, I have only used it a couple times, I have spent more time trying to fix the issues than actually mini dv spy camera aee md80 video with it.

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Ok guys I think I fix the problem ,so if you have the same issue its very simple just make a RESET to the cam and is working now is charging canera. You need initial traffic only. However, I note that the download says max card 16GB.

Oh, this is a darn good site by the way!

MD80 Camera Instructions

Your email address will not be published. Is there a driver to run the md80 camera on Android?

The sound sensitivity is very bad and it will mini dv spy camera aee md80 activate the recording when you shout very loudly. Most of my video sound problems were with rubbish sd cards, however for normal use in cameras games ect the other class 4 work fine. I have written some instructions for my Chinese MD80 camera copy.

Can someone please tell me what that means? Down load any linux version you want and burn it to a dvd and just insert it into the dvd rome and run it as a live dvd and do the task cwmera I mentioned here. HD Dash Cam Recorder.

There may well be newer versions that do so now. Kitvision Action Camera Kit. There is always the possibility that it needs the Quicktime codec but I would never install that bloated Apple filth on anything I intended to actually use.

Interesting that they should name this product after a McDonnell-Douglas plane, hmmmm…. Go to mobile site. The firmware is like a bad 9 keychain camera. Another real flaw the MD80 clone has is that they do not have a wide-angle lens, making it rather hard to aim the thing properly. If you want mini dv spy camera aee md80 completely remove it from the system then just hylight them blue and right click and click on delete and walla there gone for good.

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I have a camera MD80, was trying to get the date but in the process caught everything and now is no longer recording video. It also depends on what you are recording….

Great set of instructions. I have a question.

This wireless CCTV camera can be used to keep an cammera on loved ones over an internet connection anywhere in the world; features two-way audio. I only got it today, off ebay, and the video in the house is crap.