Starting to run out at only a few months old. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Pierre Bethouart. I did not own Versus, only Versace. This smells very fresh,clean and relaxing from the lavender but also smooth and soft from the Rose and Vanilla. We’ve been buying “fragrances from our yesteryears” as he put it. Love at first sniff!!

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I like in the summer. This one I had to grow to love. The purest woody scent I’ve ever smell!

Blue Jeans is this great little cloud that envelops you with citrusy, herbal poer, light florals, and a sweet vanilla that is present throughout the progression of the scent. This one projects longer than usual on my skin, though the sillage itself stays on a moderate radius. It didn’t impress me. power play caiman x2

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Most perfumes power play caiman x2 that year are just overpowering and too strong This Versace classic is a perfect scent for perfume aficionado starters. Great value for money! I’d say it’s a great casual wear and work scent.

I got a soda, cola like scent from it that was okay and different. It’s really fresh and lovely. I am in love! For the amazing price of 14 euros here in Ireland, it’s worth powet. I can’t believe I ignored this wonderful concoction for so long!

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Smell really good when one sweats a little It has an unusual smell that’s somewhat straight in your face! Marries with my style, and make a perfect combination!

More than a decade later, I am liking vanilla scents again for me and it is such caimzn sensual smell that it isn’t surprising to me that it had that effect on me since that is the note that the reviewers apparently pick up on most.

I never thought I’d find myself writing something like that about a fragrance, but that sums power play caiman x2 up.

A very sweet vanilla powdery scent. Soft, not offensive, and good performance. Plxy stuff is Amazing I seem to recall it being ultra popular for a while and the streets were awash with the smell of baby talc and freshness.

This perfume, though dated, is not very common in some countries such as here in the Philippines No lo compren, ni siquiera por el precio. I just got this today in time for father’s day to give it to power play caiman x2, I just hope he doesn’t use it to make his car smell nice or else I might just keep it for myself and get him something else: Eather way, I love this new Oriental power play caiman x2 to its old softness.

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This is the only masculine perfume I have ever owned and I do not regret it. Other reviews mention it being for young guys which is totally possible, but if so, boys, go buy this! A boyfriend of mine power play caiman x2 this when I was younger and WOW. The opening is zesty and citrusy definitely get the coca-cola vibesbut quickly mellows down to a honeyed floral number.


The price is HOT and you power play caiman x2 gonna find one of the first love frags One of the value colognes on the market for a guy. The new version is dry down more quicly and he top notes are more less annoying. Wouldn’t spend more than that on it. Good fragance from Versace Light and wearable, yet immediately caman.

There is a special twist to it that makes it a sexy smell.

Lastly, they have gone back to the Versace name on this, and I can see why. This is a bright and friendly scent that is just so gorgeous! Anyway, this is a very soft and pleasing scent.

The flowers are there after the citruses wear off less than an hour into the fragrance’s development on your skin. One of the best bang for your buck fragrances. Power play caiman x2 I find interesting is that it should be dated and smell similar to a lot of fragrances but I don’t think it does. I don’t own a bottle, I sprayed it on my wrist today at 3pm, power play caiman x2 10pm and it’s still going. Girls adore it believe me. The vanilla note is very present throughout especially in the drydown mode and smells lovely along with a sweet musky scent.

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That’s the first impression. At the base, the more masculine touch of vetiver, along with patchouli and sandalwood associated with the creaminess of amber, tonka bean and vanilla. Blue jeans from Versace is unique. Oh i had it in 94 bought it in a theater god knows why o bought it there!?!?

I managed to get the Versace version and not the Versus one despite ordering it new off of Amazon last week. If I had to sell my entire collection and keep one fragrance, This would be it!

It was gift from power play caiman x2 father when i was 18 years old and still its with me now i am power play caiman x2 mid 20’s. This fragrance is totally unisex even though it is for men.

Casual and yet flexible enough to be formal, evening or day time fragrance.